What is follow-me?

Follow Me tracks your location in real-time and instructs the Virtual Call Manager service to forward your calls to the most appropriate phone number based on your geographical location.

How does Follow Me work?

You designate a phone number you wish your calls to be diverted to when you're within one of your pre-assigned locations or 'Geo-fences'. When you're not within any of your locations the service will simply divert your calls to your mobile phone or 'default' number.

Who can this help?

Follow Me can help an individual or team that spends their time on the move or who works in more than one location.

How do I start using Follow Me?

Follow Me is an enhancement to the Virtual Call Manager iPhone application. Once you've downloaded the application onto your handset and you're physically within a location you'd like Follow Me to remember, you just open the application and click 'Add current location'. You then give that location a descriptive name and a divert or redirect number to transfer to.

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